Simple snacks
These snacks are great additions to lunches, tasty after school treats or healthy alternatives to those late afternoon junk food cravings.

Carrot cornbread muffins
Coconana Sunwiches NEW!
Creamy apple dipping sauce
Frozen fruit
Fruit and cheese kabobs NEW!
Fruit smoothies
Jazzed up popcorn
Perfectly hard boiled eggs
Pita Pizzas
Protein packers NEW!
Rice cake toppers
Stuffed avocados
Stuffed PB apples
Tasty sides
These side dishes make excellent accompaniments to dinners and lunches. In addition the leftovers make for ready-made snacks that your kids can enjoy the next day.

Baked veggie “fries”
Three bean salad
Slimmed down sweets
My little girl expects some sort of desert when the weekend comes. After all, what’s a special dinner if there’s no desert? These delicious recipes modify some classic deserts to give your kids more whole grain, less processed products and more nutrients.

Cookie pizza pie
Hearty apple crisp
Natural fruit raspados
Spiced banana bread
Skinnied chocolate chip cookies
Yogurt popsicles

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